Cap Fusible Interlining /Waistband Interlining

Short Description:

  • Powder: PA PES LDPE HDPE
  • Handfeel: S H HH HHH 4H
  • Colour: White Black Yellow
  • Packing: Polyester bag inside, woven bag outside. 100m per roll or as your requirment .
  • Fusing Conditions: a. temperature:140-160ºC
    b. pressure:1.5-2kg
    C. time:18-20s
  • Product Detail

    Product Tags

    Product Parameters

    Raw material Construction Width
    T 10*10 30*30 150CM
    T 10*10 38*30 150CM
    T 8*8 27*25 150CM
    T/C 11*11 30*30 150CM
    T/C 11*11 30*30 150CM
    Waistband Interlining
    T/C 21*21 56*34 112CM
    T/C 21*21 40*30 112cm
    T/C 24*24 48*45 112CM
    T/C 23*2348*45 112CM
    T 45*45 58*50 150CM
    T/C 45*45 88*64 150CM
    T/C 23*23 40*40 112CM
    Wedding Interlining
    T/C 32*32 50*37 112CM
    T/C 32*21 64*42 112CM
    T/C 30*21 60*35 112CM


    1. Superior bond strength.

    2. The excellent hand feeling , can be used in various kind of goods.

    3. Elastic recovery capability and the support ability will keep the good shape and appearance.

    4. Proper choice for the powder guarantee the superior bond strength.

    5. Suitable for any conditions for water washing and dry washing.

    Production Process


    Interlining Series

    Interlining Series
    Product name Application
    Broken Twill Weave Suitable for men’s and lady’s wear as well as different weight of heavy fabrics. It is mainly used for front fuse, blouse collarand small parts.
    Weft insert Napping Interlining Suitable for overcoat with low requirement for washing. Good brushed effect with weft insert interlining’s intrinsichandfeeling,perfect hand feeling after fusing.
    Circular Knit Interlining Suitable for men’s and lady’d casual cloths, two way stretchable and resilient, adaptable to wide range of different fabrics.
    Cap interlining Cap interlining Mainly used for various parts of the hat, such as the cap, cap body, brim and so on.
    Waistband interlining Waistband interlining It is mainly for suit pants, can play determine the nature role, stiffness. It can be customized according to the customer's
    requirements, such as general elastic waist lining, high elastic waist lining and paper waist lining.

    Packing & Transportation


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